Honnête, LLC is a management consulting firm servicing government and commercial clients through platforms of healthcare, information technology, workforce development, and professional administrative services.

At Honnête, we reimagine complex challenges of people, environment, culture, information exchange, and policy with innovative solutions that heal, unite, simplify, and enrich the collective human experience.

Our products, services, strategic interventions, and programs are built from a foundation of lean quality principles by associates who are both academically and professionally qualified industry leaders and community stakeholders. At Honnête, we place a premium on effective communication and quality work product; believing these priorities to be the cornerstone of strong and sustainable client partnerships.

We believe in services and solutions that last as opposed to transient remedies not suited for broad scale policy, systems, and environmental change. Sustainability is built into the forethought of our work product to ensure tangible progression that forever adds value to the way people live, work, learn, recreate, and thrive.